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Winter Christmas Concert 2019

SSI Seocho students from music class orchestrated a beautiful harmony in the Christmas spirit on December 6, 2019. Performers played many different instruments including the violin, marimba, clarinet, and more. The Winter Concert composed of Christmas carols with a finale featuring math teacher Ms. Song’s song. Prizes were also awarded to recognize the Academic Excellence […]...

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Art Exhibition 2019: “Gradation”

Senior and junior students from Integrated Studio Practices and AP 2D Design class presented artworks from December 5~7 at a gallery at Apgujeong, Gangnam. The exhibition was at a point where they are “seeking for new colors ahead of graduation”. These works of art visualize the beauty of the gradation in colors at the intersection […]...

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Winter Volunteer Day

Seoul Scholars International (SSI) Seocho students, teachers, and staffs delivered coal briquettes to the impoverished local residents in Seocho district. November 19th was the Winter Volunteer Day, and all of Grade 6 to Grade 12 students did a great job regardless of the cold winter weather. Shout out to the SSI Seocho students and teachers!...

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Field Trip – Music Class

SSI Seocho (Art&Design) students taking Music classes enjoyed a field trip this week. On November 14th, students went to Seoul Arts Center (예술의 전당) and watched a music concert. It was an opportunity where they could see and listen to what they learned in class....

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Field Trip – Art History & Chinese

SSI Seocho (Art&Design) students taking Art History and Chinese classes enjoyed a field trip on the first week of November. On November 7th, Art History students went to Konkuk University Museum’s art gallery. On the same day, students taking Chinese classes went to Chinatown to see and experience how the language is used....

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Halloween Party 2019

On November 1st, students went on a trip to “Lotte World” to celebrate Halloween. Many students and teachers dressed up in different costumes and makeup. Some of them dressed up as police officers, while others dressed up as vampires. The students spent the day taking various rides and taking pictures. They went to the haunted […]...

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