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Yohanna Yunha Jung wins the Seoul Junior Athletic Competition and the National Junior Sports Festival in Show Jumping.

Huge congratulations to Yohanna Yunha Jung who has won 1st place in Jumping 80 Class. In April, Yohanna received 1st place at The 39th Seoul Junior Athletic Competition and The 51st National Junior Sports Festival” for the Jumping 80 Class. We are very proud that Yohanna’s dedication, skill, and practice have led to this accomplishment....

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2022 Spring Field Trip

Seoul Scholars International went on a field trip to Museum SAN on Friday, June 3rd. They viewed multiple galleries of modern art & sculptures, including the Paper Gallery which showed the history of paper from its origins to its current uses....

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Congratulations on passing KNIGA!

Seoyul Kim (Grade 6) played the main character Marie from the world famous play The Nutcracker. She showed a beautiful performance and was successfully selected as a member of 2022 KNIGA. KNIGA, Korea National Institute for the Gifted in Arts, is a gifted young students’ school from Korea National University of Art. We are extremely […]...

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Daniel Bae makes an appearance on SNL Korea!

Back in October, Daniel Bae (G7) made an appearance on SNL Korea. He had quite a significant role, playing alongside Kim Dong-wook who appears in Along with the Gods (신과함께).  After seeing how pretty the SSI uniform was, the producers asked Daniel to wear his uniform while filming. We are ecstatic that our school is […]...

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Junior Exhibition: Find Your Persona

SSI SEOCHO would like to invite you to the Junior Exhibition “Persona”.Twenty-nine of our very own 11th graders will present their artwork to showcase their creativity and artistic voice. The exhibition will take place at the gallery located on the 1st floor of the campus, and the opening night is 3:30pm on Tuesday, March 8th.Please join […]...

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Dylan Kim (DK) drifts with style at the 2021 KIC Kart Championships

Dylan Kim (Grade 7) was seen drifting with style at the 2021 KIC Kart Championships, ranking 2nd place in the overall national ranking! This championship was supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and Dylan was the youngest racer of his team: F-5 Monster. He is associated with KARA (Korea Automobile Racing Association,, who […]...

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