About Seoul Scholars International

○ Offering Young Artists An Accredited, American, Secondary Education

Seoul Scholars International is an educational institution located in Seocho, Seoul. Having received official recognition from accrediting agencies in the United States, Seoul Scholars International provides an approved, American, art high school curriculum. Seoul Scholars International offers a first-rate education for young Korean artists aspiring to enter prestigious art colleges in the United States and in other countries abroad. Encouraging creative and free thinking as well as improving their ability to express themselves, it produces students with a global and flexible mindset that can meet the demands of prestigious art colleges.

○ Curriculum Optimized To Aid Students’ Acceptance Into Renowned Foreign Art Colleges

Seoul Scholars International offers a flexible curriculum that allows students to devote as much time as possible to their specialty (pure fine art, design, illustration, etc.) in order to aid in their acceptance by prestigious art colleges abroad. Through the flexible American art curriculum, students learn improved techniques of expression. Also, as it is essential to have a good portfolio in order to be accepted by prestigious art colleges, SSI A&D ensures a high degree of artistic completion by the students through an in-depth education conducted by great art teachers.
Seoul Scholars International encourages students to regularly take part in contests and exhibitions. This allows students to build a record of participation in a wide range of award competitions and demonstrate experience in effective creative activities that are essential to entering prestigious art schools. Also, through external artists and collaborative interaction, students can learn how to experience diverse forms of creativity and express differing perspectives.
Each student in Seoul Scholars International follows a customized study schedule based on their respective art specialty, academic background, and academic excellence in order to optimize their education. Also, college entrance exams such as SAT, AP, and TOEFL are offered directly to students. This minimizes the burden of academic concerns and college entrance exams, thereby allowing students to concentrate more on practice.

○ An Academic Counseling System That Promises Entrance To A Prestigious College

All students are assigned specialist counselors. The counselor is responsible for oversight of the student’s academic & admission records, and practical portfolio. This will allow students to focus on winning awards, preparing portfolios, and securing good college entrance test scores. Students will also receive special services such as aid in applying to prestigious colleges, writing college essays, etc. thereby minimizing the burden on students during the application process.

○ Best Location And Facilities

Seoul Scholars International is in a prime location, across the Seoul Arts Center, the center of art in Korea. Through the various art galleries and performance halls in the area, students can enjoy artistic surroundings while studying in a creative environment. Furthermore, the campus, with its eight floors of state-of-the-art facilities, provides an optimal educational environment for students who want to become global artists.