Student Wins 3rd Place in 2021 International Illustration Competition

Jade Jang (10) received 3rd Place in the 2021 International Illustration Competition (Organized by Archzig in collaboration with architerraX). This can be accessed using the following link:

Although it isn’t a light-hearted situation (as the main subject is drowning), the feelings you get after viewing the painting and reading her explanation (written below) is serenity and security. SSI would like to congratulate Jade on this great achievement, as well as encourage her in her pursuit for happiness and success.

“I am drowning, a shackle placed around my ankle, submitting to the weight of it. Water is my reality, whereas the outside is the radiant instants. It contains a clean sky with a hammock and two furry companions of mine.Swimming delights me. Existing irritates me. Their traits face the opposite direction but are ironically identical. The fact that it is hard to break out once I dive in. The fact that I have to hold my breath. Despite everything, it feels secure that I deny myself to be in the stable trap.”

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