Imagination Playground

Children build their own playground everyday by using the big blue blocks that
they have never encountered. By using these unique shaped blocks, children will create
distinctive and special playgrounds. For some, it can be an adventurous jungle gym, it can be a seesaw, or a comfy bed.
Through this self-innovative block play, children are able to develop creativity, problem-solving and social skills naturally.

“One color, but variety than ever with kids”
Imagination playground’s blocks come in one color only.
Its dynamic blue allows students to break out of their preconception of colors, add their own colors to it and create anything with it.
Imagination playground is what every color of those blocks children can imagine

The moment kids can experience ‘self-directed play’. “

Imagination Playground is a new concept designed to encourage child-driven, unstructured free play.
As soon as they meet these blue blocks, they’re going to create and direct play solely based on their own ideas, not on a directed way or style.
Such play will be an excellent growth factor that will improve children’s intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development.

Imagination Playground was created in collaboration with the Rockwell Group, an American design company, and the Professor Emeritus Dr. George Forman, Ph. D. in Early childhood Education at the University of Massachusetts.
You can experience the Imagination Playground at the SSI Seocho campus.