[Student Club Interview] Dungeons & Dragons Club

Are you curious about how the RPG works? Are you new to the conversation games? Do you want to improve your story-telling skills? Come to the D&D Club. All students are welcomed, have some snacks and let’s chill!

Clara: I heard that the D&D club is the only RPG club in our school. Finally, here is your chance to promote your club. What is your role in the D&D club?

Hanna: I am the president of the D&D club. I advertise our club and I play the role of Game Master. Basically, I am the narrator who makes the setting and leads the story.

Clara: Can you explain your role in detail?

Hanna: Both basically mean the same thing but I am more comfortable with keeper so I’ll put it that way. Keeper is like a narrator of a story. The keeper may be in or out of a story but the keeper sets a background. Explains all the surroundings and leads the story. Sometimes plays as a supporting character.

Clara: Okay, what is the main activity of the club?

Hanna: I would like to say, we just talk. You act and talk.

Clara: Are there game rules or any rules to follow in the club?

Hanna: There are no specific rules for the game but we have a club meeting every Friday. Everyone needs to come until 3:20 after school.

Clara: What do you think is the highlight of your club?

Hanna: If you are an artist, you would want to create something especially in (the part) of the world that you don’t know about. (Through role-playing) in D&D, you could even be someone else.

Clara: Thank you for your time in the interview.

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