SSI SEOCHO’s ‘School Rules’ Wins at LA WebFest!

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news from Headmaster Paul Battle, recently conveyed from the United States, with all those interested in SSI SEOCHO.

Our film “School Rules,” part of the SSI Film Project, has won in the Best Shorts category at the 15th LA WebFest. “School Rules” is a result of our annual Film Project at SSI SEOCHO. This project is not just for students interested in content and video production but also for those passionate about the broader aspects of stage, costume, acting, and production. It provides students with practical experience, deepens their learning, and has become a cherished extracurricular activity that enjoys widespread support from both students and parents.

This award is particularly meaningful because it was made possible through the collaborative efforts of 25 SSI SEOCHO students and numerous supportive teachers and industry professionals under the Film Project banner.

We extend our applause to the students involved in “School Rules” at SSI SEOCHO: Alvin Kim, Andrew Chi, Brynne Lee, Chloe Yoo, Claire Song, Dohyun Lee, Dylan Kim, Edmund Lee, Erin Kim, Emma Cha, Hannah Park, Irene Kyuri Park, Jenny Yoon, Junha Zhang, JY Kim, Julie Park, Jacob An, Martin Oh, Olivia Lim, Seoyoung Yoon, Seungwoo Lee, Serina Sung, Siyeon Park, Soyeon Park, Tiffany Kim, and to Headmaster Paul Battle.

Additionally, our heartfelt thanks go to Saulo Aroca R, Albert Kim, Alan Smithee, Laura Fitch Yang, Draga Dramicanin, Eleanor Smith, Kilua, Giulia Brambilla, Robin Jung, Hisu Han, Ms. Lee, and Hyunsung Cho for their invaluable contributions.

We are profoundly grateful to everyone involved in the SSI SEOCHO Film Project. As we continue with the current Film Project, we look forward to sharing more exciting news with you soon.