SSI Film Project 2024 Registration

SSI is pleased to announce registration for the 2024 Film Project! Join us as we learn the stages of production and make our own film together!

Watch the promotional video.
Conducted in English, the project will be directed by Headmaster, Paul Battle with the support of professional crew members.

  • Learn about all of the stages of making a movie from industry experts
  • Get hands-on (practical) experience
  • Make new friends
  • Create lasting memories
  • Improve your college application

Who: SSIA&D students from grades 6-12

Where and When
Training and production will take place at SSIA&D’s campus near Seocho Station from February-May.

Universities place increased emphasis on extra-curricular experiences and look for students who can tell unique stories about themselves.The Film Project helps students distinguish themselves in this important area. Students can proudly reference not only their experience in the production but also the completed film itself. The project has helped four of SSI’s graduates get accepted to top universities in the US.

Students who participate in the film project get into top universities: Cornell, Johns Hopkins, NYU, and SAIC!

This project builds on the success of the previous two projects completed at SSI (Reset, a web series, and School Rules, a short film). This year’s production will make greater use of SSI’s own art department and offer interested students a chance to be involved at the early stages of development (mainly production design and sound design), from creating mood boards to digital props and practical effects. The film will also showcase more actual school events on campus.

This year’s project is a short film (a psychological thriller in the style of a webtoon) about a student who discovers that the things they draw come to life in the real world.

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