National History Day Competition (NHD)

In the latest annual National History Day Competition (NHD) held on February 24, 2024, Diane Kim (9) and Rachel Moon (10) became the first group from SSI AND to participate in the Senior Group Exhibit Division. This year’s NHD witnessed the submission of over 300 projects by students from 25 International Schools in Korea, totaling more than 300 participants.   

This year’s theme of the competition , “Turning Point in History,” led the duo to conduct extensive research for several months. They centered their project, titled “From Tragedy to Triumph: Frances Oldham Kelsey’s Critical Role as the Guardian of Posterity,” on the invention of Thalidomide.

Competing against fellow International High School students in Korea, Diane and Rachel showcased their hard work and dedication, gaining valuable experience throughout the competition. Let’s extend a round of applause to them for their commendable efforts in their first NHD competition.