Passion and imagination have been at the heart of every advance in human civilization. Humans, filled with curiosity, have always looked for the innovative, imagined the impossible, attempted the untried, and sought to escape from the routine of everyday life. And artists are at the center of it all.

Artists are always drawing, designing, destroying, and recreating. Not only capturing the details of everyday life but also creating new trends and reinterpreting existing ones.Designing everyday objects, homes, creating buildings, and even city planning all stem from an artist’s creativity. Artists express and advance society through the use of forms, materials, and ideas. They push forward technology and give shape to new concepts.

Artists are storytellers and explorers. An artist is driven to create and feels ill at ease without a creative outlet. Passion and insecurity coexist within an artist. Artists are often far ahead of their own time and yet are also often the most representative of their era.

This is our ideal of an artist, an ideal that we hope to bring to life.

Our mission is to provide the young artists of Korea with a flexible and creative American art education. Along with the world’s best hands-on education, we offer a combination of theoretical and humanistic education to help artists thrive in a rapidly changing era.

We believe that in order to become a good artist, students need to develop their own unique means of self-expression and learn how to communicate with the public. This is why SSI A&D provides practical field education, as well as seminars that focus on deep thinking, and exploration.

The art curriculum of SSI A&D is focused around studio creative classes. Every student is assigned a dedicated instructor. All creative classes are comprised of small groups of eight to ten students in order to foster a close relationship between students and between teachers and students. Based on this bond, students share a constructive and free exchange of views, which enables them to share diverse perspectives and take part in varied experiences.

I am confident that the original and profound curriculum of SSI A&D will be a great opportunity for young artists aspiring to enter prestigious art colleges. We hope that every student will become a talented, passionate, creative member of SSI A&D. Art is constantly redesigning the world. We encourage you to become part of the new design.

Paul Battle

Seoul Scholars International