Customized Art Curriculum

Seoul Scholars International offers 36 courses in Art, English, Math, and Science. The courses are based on an American art high school curriculum and center around a practical arts education. The curriculum also meets the basic requirements for requisite courses for college entrance.
All artistic classes are designed to maximize student creativity and to help them recognize and reason with a new perspective. With a focus on studio creative activities, arts and aesthetic theory classes are provided. Students learn how to express their ideas creatively through visual and linguistic means.
Along with art classes, students take courses in English, Math, and Science. The world is currently entering an era of convergence, which spans and integrates information and society. The most important thing in this age is the ability to create new things by linking different knowledge and information. Therefore, the general curriculum of Seoul Scholars International is aimed at developing a comprehensive thinking ability that enables students to effectively acquire diverse knowledge and then put it to use.
The general curriculum classes at Seoul Scholars International are taught in English. Through discussion sessions with native English-speaking teachers, graduates of some of the top universities in the United States and abroad, students learn an essential critical perspective and effective ways of communicating.
The curriculum of Seoul Scholars International combines practical with theoretical, and arts with general education in a pertinent and flexible way. This will enable students to adapt to a rapidly changing world and to become world-class artists with creativity and ability.