SSI Education Group the professional faculty members, known for their experience in K-pop star training, address the skills and abilities required for success in the field and the cultural education methods with the help of Korea’s best media group. CS M&E (Chosun Media & Education) has joined hands with the KKC Hallyu Stars in dreaming about and cultivating a meaningful curriculum of Hallyu and K-pop for young people. This will ensure the most satisfaction for participants and provide a wholesome K-pop education program.


  • DATE : 17th – 27th of DECEMBER 2017
  • Applicant Age : G3~G8
  • Location : SSI Campus and an University Dormitory placed in Korea
  • Capacity : 200 students
  • Register at  : www.ssiand.org
  • Account number: SHINHAN BANK 100-025-272397
  • Registration Fees : 2.480,000\ (excluding flights)


  • Learn Korean through a variety of drama and K-pop related activities.
  • Training in an official K-POP academy.
  • The chance to meet K-POP mentors and discover your abilities.
  • Safe and well-maintained facilities and learning environment.
  • The opportunity to ski and do other physical activities in the country chosen for the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  • Going on field trips to visit drama sets and music recording sessions.
  • Participating in an elimination contest with official judges.